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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the consumerization of IT are driving alternative approaches. Businesses are being forced to rethink the way they provision and manage IT equipment and services. Employees and departments are becoming increasingly self-sufficient in meeting their own IT needs and are expecting their work compute environments to be as good as what they have at home. IT is looking to provide users with devices they want that can also be managed by IT. CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) is a great intermediary step for companies to proactively evolve the BYOD conversation, improving end-user satisfaction while maintaining device and security control.


Mobility is expected by users and customers. Mobile workers want to be able to interact when and where they need to, and the devices organizations deploy need to support various mobile workstyles.


Touch enhances all PCs, not just tablets. A touchscreen lets users select with their most natural pointer, their finger. A touchscreen is especially helpful for customer-facing environments, where users are often not seated with hands on mouse and keyboard.


Regulations are increasing with a focus on protecting sensitive customer/citizen data and imposing penalties if that data is compromised. Organizations must secure devices while allowing access to data to safeguard sensitive information.


Tablet adoption is moving beyond a ‘hip’ convenience for executives to functional applications for which mobility is critical. Possible use cases include patient information capture in healthcare, pharmaceuticals sales, installation in the transportation industry, manufacturing shop floors, and field service.

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