Company Overview

Nickerson Business Solutions d/b/a Perpetual Technologies Systems, is a sound, stable and progressive locally owned and operated company,. We are currently operating in an 8,000 square foot facility, of which 3,600 square feet is utilized for warehousing and configuration, 1,650 is utilized for services and engineers, and 1,514 square feet is occupied by our education facility. The balance is devoted to sales and operations. .  In October 1988, Nickerson Business Systems, Inc., a  State Certified Woman Minority Business,  owned by Connie and Rodney Nickerson, purchased ComputerLand of Lakeland which primarily provided product to both the retail and the business markets.

We have undergone many enhancements since our founding in 1988. In 1992, in order to keep abreast with the changing technology, we chose to discontinue our retail market and put all of our focus on the needs of our business, government and education clients. In March 2002, we changed our d.b.a. name to Perpetual Technology Solutions. Our new name better reflects our technological focus on developing solutions to meet the time-sensitive needs of our clients. Ownership and management remain the same.

Perpetual Technology Solutions designs, develops, and markets hardware, software, solutions, and services, including industry-leading enterprise computing solutions, fault-tolerant business-critical solutions, communications products, Perpetual is a full portfolio selling partner leading with HP Technology  providing solutions focused in Central Florida.  Our initial offerings began in 1988 with Hewlett Packard Printers, and Compaq Portables. Or should say, luggable.

Our business is based on creating satisfied clients and employees and our revenues are generated by a mix of product and services. Our goals and objectives are driven to this end.. We work hard at being a good corporate citizen and maintaining a high level of credibility.

Today we provide much more than just product, we provide solutions! Our services include technology infrastructure consulting, design, implementation, security, and project management, as well as document flow assessment, hardware support, training, staff augmentation, and leasing. We are certified for sales and service from Microsoft, Novell, HP, IBM, Cisco, Citrix, VMware, Lexmark, APR and several peripheral suppliers.

Email Us4020 Kidron Rd  •  Suite 4  •  Lakeland, FL 33811Office: 863.644.1120  •  Fax: 863.647.5563