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HP is a Perpetual Gold Business Partner. With over 25 years together in business we have established an excellent partnership with HP. They provide top notch cutting edge computer hardware and software products at great prices. We are proud to offer great new technologies in cloud servers and new laptops, desktops, all in one machines, and tablets from HP.

MICROSOFT is a Perpetual Gold Business Partner. With over 20 years together with Microsoft as a partner we know the ins and outs of Microsofts products. A leader in PC software and development, Microsoft offers great solutions like Office 365, and Microsofts Windows 8. Microsofts Cloud software allows for virtual servers and seamless running of your business.

LENOVO have been a great partner for us for many years. Lenovo offers innovative new products in PC hardware and technology. They have some of the coolest new laptop and tablet products on the market. We are pleased to offer their wonderful products.

VMWARE is a great partner, and a leader in virtual infrastructure and cloud technology. Their products help streamline IT efforts and help businesses run more smoothly. Management of infrastructure in servers is key to running a smooth business, VMWARE gets you there.

CISCO is a leader in networking hardware and software and cloud server technology. They have tons of experience in networking and can help your company set up a network system using the newest and most efficient technology. Cisco systems are fast and effective.

CITRIX is a leader in mobile technology and cloud systems. They have great proprietary technology to help your business run in new and exciting ways. Virtualization of IT and network systems makes it easy for your business to work even while on the go.

APC provides excellent power protection and surge protection with their backup systems. We offer their great products at great prices. They provide peace of mind that your system is well protected and will stay running in the event of a power surge or power outage.

EATON is a global technology leader in power management solutions that make electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power operate more efficiently, effectively, safely and sustainably. Eaton also has a full suite of business to business applications to help your business run efficiently.

LEXMARK is a global leader in the print industry, providing printers, printing software, multifunction devices, and ink solutions for thousands of businesses worldwide. They are also a global technology leader in business solutions like mobile and intelligent capture devices.

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